On 31 st May 2017 we were amongst many businesses invited to an event hosted by the children’s charity Break at the wonderful building which is Norwich University of the Arts.

Having been involved with Break for the past few years we knew that we could expect an evening filled with great company, insightful and moving stories (and quite possibly a glass of fizz and some rather gorgeous canapes supplied by No 7 Surrey Street). What we were not prepared for was the launch of the very first GoGoHares, but more of that later.

On arrival we were shown around what truly one of Norwich’s hidden gems is, the building and the space are truly magnificent and any student lucky enough to study there we would be very jealous of. We then heard from Operations Director Michael Rooney and project manager Martin Green both talking eloquently and knowledgeably about what they hope the GoGoHares 2018 project will bring to the streets of Norwich.

Unbelievably 50 city hares to represent Breaks 50th birthday have already been snapped up and are being eagerly talked about, quite some feat from the Break fundraising team when you consider that the trail is not due to start for another twelve months. This event in partnership with National guru’s Wild in Art is the third trail to be organised by Break and the countdown starts now!

We along with a few other businesses have chosen to be part of the moongazer sculpture trail, allowing our hare to be seen by the wider audience of Norfolk. We had the opportunity to meet the guys from the Sainsbury Centre who are also involved with this aspect of the trail.

Peter Marron also gave an inspirational talk about project, GoGoCreate which will see schools from the county involved in this ambitious project, painting a baby hare (we’re not sure we would have known these are called leverets without the project taking place!). Pete is also busy taking some of the already painted leverets out on a journey across Norfolk encouraging more businesses to look at the moongazer trail. Photos of the baby leverets called Bugsy and Daisy can be seen below.

Then when we have heard from Martin speaking passionately as always about why this project is so needed in Norfolk and Helen Vinsen on the vast potential that is available for our hares we are led into a room with a rather tantalising red throw over a suspiciously hare shaped object at one end.

The cover is whipped back to reveal Osc-Hare, what can only be described as magnificently handsome. Osc-Hare can be seen here in all his glory with two of our directors and Colin from Iceni magazine. Words fail to do him justice so we won’t go on too much, just suffice to say if this is the first hare we can only wait with baited breath for the other forty nine to join him in due course.  Here’s hoping for a few more reveals and fizz along the way!

Thanks to Mark Benfield for the awesome images!

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