On the 1st October we were lucky enough to have tickets to the fabulous GoGoDragon auction at The Forum in Norwich.  Having seen my gogo dragon Sprite snap from an idea to its splendid completion I desperately wanted to see it go under the hammer ( not literally) at the auction.  It promised to be a glitzy affair from the off with Jake Humphrey being there and lots of fizz available.

Given a budget by a family member to purchase a particular dragon with, although they had gone on to say that of course if the dragon they wanted went for under their budget we may see if we could acquire our very own dragon Sprite Snap.  Where are we going to hide a 5 foot sparkling dragon until Christmas (answers on a postcard please!)

Well we did better than that with our allocated pennies!  We did indeed manage to secure the dragon of their dreams (which is still a secret so sssshhh!) and have been able to bring Sprite Snap home.  We also managed to secure GoGoMadder, who had resided out the Maddermarket Theatre for the duration of the trail.  We are thrilled to be able to announce that Madder will be given back to the theatre where he meant so much to so many people.

Sprite Snap will take pride of place in the window of the practice until we have negotiated a  permanent resting place for him.  We are looking into the possibility of lending him to schools during book week, so watch this space!

The dragons captured the hearts of some many across Norwich, Norfolk and beyond we are absolutely delighted to have been involved in such a fabulous project and been given the opportunity to help children in the county.


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