Well then, ‘Hare’ we go again!

Having been proud sponsors and supporters of Break for many years now, it was an easy decision to
make when asked if we would like to come on board with next years GoGoHare trail. Break Charity
are an amazing group of people, changing young lives for the better around the county and next
year, they celebrate their 50 th anniversary with the GoGo Hare trail, incorporating 50 giant Hare
statues around Norwich and a further trail, spread county wide! The options were to play it safe and
take a city Hare, along a similar vein to our much loved Dragon, Sprite Snap OR paddle out into
untested waters and adopt a spanking new County Hare…never ones to back away from something
new and scary, we pulled on our swimmers, grabbed our snorkels and jumped into the sea with a
beautiful new Moongazing County Hare to our name!

And then the first challenge…what to call it and more to the point, just what shape and form should
our new Hare take? We had decided on Great Yarmouth as a location as the County Hares are to be
placed county wide to encourage people to enjoy the trail further afield than just Norwich this time
around. We have recently opened a new practice there, so the decision was a simple one. We
wanted the Hare to reflect the maritime theme and history of the area and were delighted when we
saw Ross Whites design for a Hare wearing a hermit crabs shell and was soon christened
‘Haremit Crab’.

Now we had a Hare, we had a design and a location….now we had to let people know this beautiful
beast existed!!

We needed a venue to hold our grand reveal, the first County Hare to be released into the wild in
fact! The Time & Tide museum in Great Yarmouth, seemed like a great fit for us, local, fun but educational and a very welcoming
and friendly crew on board. After popping in for a chat and to discuss each other needs and goals,
we decided on an evening launch so people could call over after work or school, enjoy the
surroundings of the museum and join us in welcoming Haremit Crab into the world!

Soon the practice was awash with invite designs, goody bags and a rather lovely Hare themed cake
supplied by our great neighbours, Mocha Café on Regent Street. The guest list soon filled up and the
day itself was a blur of banners, herrings and coffee as we hurriedly set about turning the Time &
Tide into a home fit for a Haremit Crab…if for one night only.








Luckily for us, and our guests, the museum had an amazing Titanic exhibition currently on display
and it was a joy to look around and enjoy, along with the rest of the museum which they had kindly
opened up for us all to explore. It was a beautifully warm evening…too warm to be wearing the
lobster outfits Break had ‘thoughtfully’ brought along for us to wear…and we soon had a full house
of guests enjoying the lovely food and drink provided by the Silver Darlings Café adjacent to the
museum (highly recommended!)









After brief presentations by both Ali Fisher of Time & Tide and Michael Rooney from Break outlining
some of the fabulous, if very different, work both companies do, it was time for the reveal!
Haremit had been hiding under a big, red sheet, awaiting his grand entrance with only the occasional
breeze lifting his cloak to give people a hint of what may be lurking underneath! Now it was our turn
to talk, talk about why we do these things and what drives us to want to do more, not for the bottom line in a till but to feel some sense of community, which to us is equally, if not more so, important.

And then with a quick flick of the wrist, the sheet was up in the air and Haremit Crab was revealed to
the world amidst a round of gasps and applause! Queue many a selfie and group shots along with
the occasional puzzled look….’a Hare, mixed with a Hermit crab?…ahh, Haremit crab! I get it now!!’ 





As will hopefully thousands more folk when Haremit Crab takes up residence in Great Yarmouth as
part of Breaks 2018 50th birthday celebrations. We really hope to see as many of you as possible
joining with us in helping make 2018 Break Charities biggest and best year ever!

All images kindly supplied by the talented Mark Ivan Benfield

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