In 2013 I started studying for a degree in Healthcare Science: Audiology at De Montfort University in Leicester. Prior to this I had always known that I wanted to work within the healthcare industry and although it sounds cliché, I always wanted to help people. When it came to deciding what I wanted to do, I researched a lot of healthcare jobs and came across Audiology, which in all honesty, I knew very little about. It was then that I realised there must be so many people like me who take their hearing for granted and whilst people regularly go for eye tests and check-ups, there are far fewer who have had their hearing tested. The more I researched Audiology, the more I knew I wanted to do it and help others to improve their lives.

Regular sight tests and glasses are things that we will always need as we get older and hearing aids are no different. Over recent years more and more people are being made aware of hearing loss and the dangers of noise exposure and an increasing number of people are starting to wear hearing aids and appreciating what a difference it can make to everyday life. Technology is constantly evolving and so are hearing aids and for me this was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for technology with my passion for working with individuals in the public. Working within an ever-developing industry, I am able to care for patients one to one and show them how new technology can help them.

My first two years at University were spent learning the anatomy of the ear, the physics behind sound, the physiology & pathologies of the ear, paediatric testing, balance science, professional practice, clinical measurement methods and the rehabilitation associated with hearing aids. My third and final year was my best year by far and was spent on placement in a hospital working full time to really put my theory in to practice. No matter how much we can learn from books and case studies, nothing is the same as working with patients on a daily basis and learning from them directly. I spent my final year in Northampton General Hospital and was part of a fantastic team who really helped me develop my skills as an Audiologist. In January 2016, I had 3 practical assessments which were compulsory to pass our degree and thankfully I passed first time. As well as these 3 practical assessments, throughout the year I was still having to do University assessments for other modules and my dissertation alongside full time work.

In July 2016, I graduated with a First Class Degree in Audiology which made all of the hard work worth it.

That very same week I started my job here at Coleman Opticians as an Audiologist. I was responsible for sourcing all of the equipment and hearing aids and getting our service up and running. It has been a fantastic experience working here and with both the NHS hearing service as well as private, the variety of work is what makes this job interesting for me every single day.

If you often struggle to hear in background noise, think that others are mumbling when they talk, or have to ask others to repeat themselves, it’s time to get your hearing checked. Whether it’s just out of curiosity or whether it’s to satisfy a nagging family, pop in to see us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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