We opened the practice doors at 9.00am on Monday 29th December after being shut for four days, there were three customers on the door step with broken specs in hand.  It happens every year!  

We spend at least an hour of every trading day repairing or replacing broken spectacles.  Spectacles are worn every day and tolerate large amounts of abuse.  All spectacles leave our practice nicely presented in a spectacle case with a cleaning cloth.  But who out there religiously puts them back in that case every time they are used.  Do they end up in the bottom of your handbag, down the side of the sofa or at the bottom of the schoolbag?  Sound familiar?

I had a quick look around my house before starting to write this, I found one pair of specs down the back of my bedside table, gathering dust.  My husband James’ spare pair was face down on top of the fridge, and I spied a side of pair of sunglasses belonging to the kids under the book case in the living room.

Screws come loose, nose pads fall off and lenses get scratched, it’s a fact of life. Your local optician can replace or tighten the screws in your specs, some charge, some don’t, this generally depends on the age of your specs, and whether you are an existing customer.  In 2015 at Coleman Opticians, we are suggesting a charitable donation to “our charity of the year,” BREAK (They support children, young people and their families in East Anglia).  They are also the charity behind the GoGoGorillas of summer 2013. They will be settling over 80 GoGoDragons this summer.  The Dragon spotters amongst you should keep a keen eye on St Augustines this summer.

On the topic of children, their specs come under more stress and strain than adults.  They get knocked off in the playground, they are left lying on the floor beside the X-Box and in some cases the kids may even sleep in them.  For children under 16 we can replace the broken frame or scratched lenses at no charge to the child’s parents.  So don’t be afraid to bring them in and have them repaired, no one will frown at you, we see at least five children’s broken frames or badly scratched lenses every Saturday.

You have you car serviced every year and your specs do more miles than your car.  So why not bring your specs in every six months to your local optician and ask for a mini service.  They will clean them up, replace the pads and tighten the screws for a small charge or in our case a charitable donation.  It may extend the life of your specs and it certainly will improve their appearance (no more green nose pads, you know what I’m talking about).

That’s it for this month, it looks like it’s going to be an expensive year for me and a good year for BREAK, as I had to replace 2 broken frames and several scratched lenses for my husband last year.  He blames the kids, I have my doubts!


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