Contact Lenses

If you would like great vision and the freedom of not having to wear your spectacles then contact lenses are your answer. Modern contact lenses are easy to wear and instantly comfortable, they do not steam up and your vision is not hampered when it rains.

Contact lenses come in a variety of sizes, material and modalities. There are dailies, monthly and rigid gas permeable to name the three most common groups.

Here at Coleman Opticians in both Norwich and Great Yarmouth we listen you your needs and fit and supply you with a lens appropriate for your eye health, comfort, vision, and lifestyle requirements. We will discuss your requirements and the advantages/disadvantages of the various lens types with you. Contact lenses sit directly onto your eye, because of this it is essential that they fit correctly and are not reacting with your eye in any way. This is why we take the time to fit the lenses best designed for you.

Our contact lens opticians will ensure that you are more than capable with instruction and removal of your contact lenses before letting you loose with them. We will see you regularly for check ups to ensure that everything is going as smoothly as possible with your lenses.