industrialWe have many years experience of providing industrial eye care, in both Norwich and Great Yarmouth

Where a larger number of employees require eye examinations (VDU, safety or both) we can examine on your premises, if this is useful to you. We bring with us all the necessary equipment to carry out a full eye examination and supply spectacles if required.

Employees will be given a full routine eye examination. Any additional tests specific to their work requested by the employer e.g. VDU or colour vision will be included and a spectacle prescription (where required) will be issued to the employee.

For VDU operators we will also include a VDU report which we will send, with the account, to the employer at the end of the month.

We are also happy for the employees to attend the practice. Discounts are available for more than one employee attending us at a time. Please contact us for more details.