One cold and frosty Christmas night,

While Santa was flying he had such a fright,

Over Norwich he flew when below him he saw,

A great big Dragon at Colemans opticians door.


As he swooped down closer to inspect such a sight,

Whoosh….off blew his glasses, off into the night,

‘What to do know? How will I see?’

Said Santa as he landed on St Augustine Street.


When out of the darkness a little voice said,

‘I can make you new glasses for the long night ahead’

It was Sprite Snap the Dragon that Santa had spied,

‘I’ll make them quick sharp, honest, no lies’.


So in to the opticians St. Nick boldly walked,

A little Christmas magic allowed Sprite Snap to talk,

‘Pick a frame, then your lenses, I’ll make then right now’

‘I watch the opticians everyday, I know I know how!’


And as quick as a flash Santa’s new specs were ready,

Sprite Snap handed them over ‘please do go steady’,

Santa could Sprite Snap had saved Christmas Night!

As a thank you to the Dragon Santa took him to flight.


For that one Chistmas night in the Norwich sky,

A Dragon not reindeer allowed Santa to fly,

Coleman Opticians Sprite Snap pulled the sleigh,

The best present of all for Sprite Snap Christmas Day.

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