Feel Good Competition!

You may have heard that we are sponsoring a T.rex for the GoGoDiscover art trail in the summer of 2020 for Break.

If you have followed the GoGoDragons! and GoGoHares you will know we have sponsored Snap Sprite and Haremit. Snap Sprite was created by local artist Beverley Gene Coraldean and we are delighted that she is working with us again on the latest art trail.

Our sculpture is a girl T.rex and we are calling her T.spex. She is an eco-warrior sculpture and carries a rucksack with all her essential things like glasses cleaner, string, water carrier, bag for life, a snack and a yoyo. 

She loves healthy eating, sport, colouring-in, fresh air, books, rainbows, sparkly things and wants to save the planet. She dislikes grey skies, sprouts and plastic straws.

We would really like you to choose a ‘nickname’ for the sculpture and also to design a badge to go on her rucksack.

You need to design it within one of the shapes below, and you can use any number of colours.

The winning design will be replicated on the rucksack on the sculpture and you will be invited on the launch day to receive a prize.



Please send your submissions by scanning your entry on email to [email protected] or pop them into the practice by 21 Sept 20.




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