October can mean only one thing to most…

Halloween!! There’s something in the air that makes the old and young alike want to dress up and have the best, most possibly scariest outfit to celebrate all things spooky! A recent trend to add to your outfit has been cosmetic contact lenses, these have the ability to give you any look at all, from completely white eyes to cat’s eyes to even blood shot looking eyes! In fact coloured contact lenses are popular all year round, not just at Halloween.

Cosmetic contact lenses can look absolutely stunning and are often used in theatre, T.V or film and are a completely safe option for when you feel like changing up your look a little, but only when fitted correctly by an optician or contact lens optician. This, sadly is very often not the case with lenses purchased online or in high street shops.

Contact lenses themselves without adding colours or patterns to them, are often given a bad press. When used correctly, contacts can be a relief for many people having worn spectacles for a number of years who maybe tire of the cumbersome need for specs when playing sports or just in their day to day life.   They also give many people a much needed confidence boost, with children especially becoming happier to wear lenses over glasses these days.

It is imperative with contact lenses that you follow the guidance given to you by your practitioner and follow the care routine given to you by them. The cosmetic contact lens requires the same level of care and consideration as the standard contact lens. Unfortunately, these lenses are often found online, not coming from a trusted source or manufacturer and the lenses themselves not made of recommended materials or stored in the correct solutions. This can lead to some very serious eye conditions and often the lens, if even worn for just a few hours, can scratch the front surface of the eye, the cornea, and in some recently reported cases, even remove a few layers of the cornea, resulting in permanent sight loss or blindness.

Coloured contacts can look great and really do add a ‘wow factor’ to any costume, but please be safe, only buy from a reputable retailer or optician and make sure you have been given the correct advice on how to fit and care for both your lenses and your eyes or you could find that you have Halloween themed red eyes all year round!



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