Home testing

We are getting a number of requests for eye examinations at home, and we are pleased to inform you that we are going to re-start this service for routine eye tests at home from November 2020. 

Full eye examinations in the practice are £80.00 and we are going to charge £100.00 a home visit, for up to a 15 mile radius from the practice. The practice optometrist will arrive in our branded van, and we will be offering a full eye examination including digital retinal photography. They will explain the results and offer a bespoke spectacle fitting service at home if new glasses are required. All new glasses will be delivered to you.

We are taking extra precautions due to Coronavirus. We are minimising human contact, with only one staff member per visit. We have invested in new equipment, and extra PPE to keep you safe during COVID-19. Your optometrist will be exercising increased infection control in line with current professional guidance.   

If you find getting out a problem – and would like your eye examination at home – then make an appointment for us to visit you.  

To book for a home eye examination call us on 01603 624564








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