New for 2020 – 3D OCT Eye Scan

Having a regular eye check-up is really important as not only does it give you peace of mind, but it can also help improve your vision.

As from 2020 we are offering you a 3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scan.

This digital photograph gives us a 3D cross section of the back of your eye and allows us to check the health of your eye and can detect the simplest changes to the retina, giving you an invaluable record of the health and condition of your eyes.

This improved extensive eye scan is painless and means you need to allow up to 45 minutes for a full eye test and it will help identify a number of health conditions including glaucoma, cataracts, age related macular degeneration as well as early stages of diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Having a regular scan will allow your Coleman’s optometrist to monitor your eye health and identify early stages of deterioration.

The eye scan can identify:

Macular Holes: your retina is responsible for your central vision and focus especially when working on precise fine detail at work, for hobbies or reading. Holes can be caused by many things and monitoring these changes can be essential to long life vision.

Macular Degeneration: This is the most common form of vision loss in the over 45’s and is due to the gradual breakdown of the macular. The 3D scan can Identify the problem and type of degeneration and can monitor its progress.

Diabetes: 3D scanning can identify early detection of diabetic retinopathy in this ever-growing condition in the UK. Early detection can improve the symptoms through early diagnosis and in many patients a change in diet can be a way of managing the condition. 

Glaucoma: 3D scanning can confirm if you are at risk of Glaucoma and identify the stage you are at if tested to be positive. This disease damages the optic nerve and can cause permanent damage.  Depending on the level of the disease there are a variety of options available to you, however early detection is advisable.

Vitreous detachments: 3D scanning can identify if the jelly like fluid in your eyeball has become less firm and detached from the retina. This is hard to identify without the scan and early diagnosis and monitoring can prevent further damage.

The 3D OCT eye scan costs £35.00 and is recommended by our optometrist team at Colemans. This can be added to your regular eye health check up on a two year cycle. Having this scan can put your mind at ease, knowing that your eye health is being monitored.

Do give us a call if you would like an appointment on 01603 624564 or book via this website.




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