Swim Plugs

Did you know we sell swim plugs?

Custom floatable swim plugs form a watertight seal to prevent water from entering the ear canal whilst showering, swimming, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, or participating in ironman, triathlon or other water sports.

They come in a variety of colours: Fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, dark blue, red, purple, light blue, beige, black, white, transparent and fluorescent orange

To make them we have to take an impression of the patient’s ear and then send these moulds off to be made into custom swim plugs specifically for their ears. We normally book a 30 min appointment to take the impressions and for the patient to choose their colour preference.

Thank you to our patient Baz Hipwell for these photos of his son using them and giving us such good feedback.

The cost for a standard silicone floatable swim plugs £40 (pair).

WaterBarrier floatable swim plugs with an antibacterial coating, including case and skincare gel £70.

Do give us a call if you would like an appointment on 01603 624564 or book via the website https://www.colemanopticians.co.uk




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