Gold plan Just £6.35 a month

Joining our monthly plan will allow you to get peace of mind protection for your eye health, as well as saving money, receiving extra benefits and enables you to budget your eye care cost.   

The yearly cost gives you an immediate saving on a fully comprehensive sight test at Coleman Opticians, as well as a range of other offers and opportunities.      

If you do not want to sign up to a Direct Debit plan then our eye tests are £85.00 but you make savings in the first year if you take up the Gold Plan option, as well as receiving a discount on your frames and a range of other benefits.

What does my membership include?   

  • A fully comprehensive sight test (as frequently as your optometrist recommends for your personal needs) 
  • A OCT 3D eye scan where necessary 
  • Emergency access
  • Telemedicine where required
  • 10% off all purchases
  • Annual Hearing review
  • Free glass cleaner spray with all glasses, and unlimited refills
  • Exclusive opportunities to attend new range launches, special events and unique Gold Plan offers  

How do I sign up?   

You can sign up in the practice or by printing off this mandate form complete, scan and attach to an email to [email protected] or post to the practice or bring for your next appointment: 

7-11 St Augustine’s Street, Norwich, NR3 3DH. The team at Coleman’s will set up a monthly Direct Debit through your bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gold Plan 

Do I need to do anything if I am on a contact lens monthly plan? 

No, you will get all the benefits of the Gold Plan within that monthly direct debit. 

How much is a single eye examination if I don’t want to pay monthly? 

It is £80 for an eye examination including an OCT 3D Eye Scan. 

Is there a minimum term?

It is a minimum 12 month contract, but you will have made savings in the first year, as well as benefiting from other offers too.

If I am in a partnership do both partners have to sign up separately? 

Ideally yes please, then we can contact you directly on any matter. You can link two payments from one bank account. 

Can I still pay for an appointment and not join the plan?

Of course you can pay as you go. The charge is £85 an appointment and that price includes a 3D OCT Eye Scan. 

If I sign up for the Gold Plan, can I still be referred to the hospital for further investigations and tests?

Yes you can, the Gold Plan makes no difference to any referrals, and your eye sight is our absolute priority. We do however recommend the 3D OCT eye scan to keep us aware of any changes in your eye health, which is covered on the Gold Plan. 


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