Sports Glasses

Coleman Opticians sports glasses will not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, accidental damage and injury but also enhance your performance.

Gaining the sharpest, most balanced vision can reduce fatigue and strain and improve eye-to-hand co-ordination and accuracy, giving you the edge over your competitors. We can help you select the correct frame and lens option for your chosen sport, whatever it may be.

Specific tints and filters can be used to help improve contrast and depth of field. Conventional sunglasses tint dull colours, meaning less contrast which can make it more difficult tracking a ball in the sky or on the field for example, whereas our specialist lenses have been specifically designed to enhance colours and help you perform at your very best.

Working closely with brands such as Oakley, Adidas, Bolle and Gator, we stock a fantastic range of sports eyewear that can be supplied either with or without prescription.

Below are just a few of the sports we specialise in…


By making critical colours more vivid, the lens can accentuate the background to enhance contrast, meaning the ball is easier to track both against the blue of the sky and green of the grass. This can be especially helpful for golfers who need to spot the transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough, be able to gauge distance with accuracy and track your ball in the sky. The correct tint and filter allows for better separation of colours, giving you more depth cues to gauge distance for wedge shots, and when you’re on the green, you can easily differentiate grass conditions and grain direction to predict ball speed.

Running and Cycling

On the road, hazards such as cracks and dirt can appear from nowhere, forcing you to make split-second decisions. When the eyes are not giving the brain enough information, reaction times suffer. These lenses are designed to help you spot subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces and see any hazard more easily, helping you perform at your best.

Off road and trail athletes require the ability to see subtle variations in texture from loose or granular surfaces to hard packed dirt. Also needing to spot sand, rocks, roots and other transitions in bright light and shade. Ordinary sunglasses aren’t quite good enough for this task, simply making your image ‘darker’ when you require lenses that specialise in the trail environment. Whether racing through trails on your bike or running through rocky, uneven terrain in a wide range of light conditions, we stock lenses that can enhance contrast in all light conditions to optimise performance.

Swimming and Diving

We offer a great selection of solutions for swimming and diving, as worn by our brand ambassador Paralympic Gold medal swimmer, Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE. From regular non-prescription goggles and masks to swimming goggles and diving and snorkelling masks made with your prescription and even polarised options which enable you to see clearly at any depth and in any condition, be it in the pool or deep-sea level.

Fishing, Rowing and water sports

Specific polarising tints and filters can be used to fine tune vision for water environments. This allows the lens to enhance contrast and visibility for fishing in both shallow and deep waters and is also great for rowing or sailing. The polarising element filters 99% of reflected glare without the haze or distortion that comes with a regular polarised lens. These lenses are ideal for any water activity from sailing, boating, fishing or kayaking, and you’ll see the difference in performance and comfort.

Skiing and Snowboarding

In snowy conditions, depth perception is reduced and clarity of detail lost due to lack of contrast. Using the latest in lens technology, precision colour tuning can draw out crisp details even in the snow, without getting washed out. By increasing visibility of snow contours, bumps and textures you can identify and avoid hazards, picking up your line with ease. In addition, these lenses enhance vision in a wide range of light conditions from bright sun to snowy, overcast skies, without switching lenses. As a result, you will see more clearly, react faster and ride with more confidence improving your experience and results.

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