Radley Fenn – Running the Marathon Des Sables

Kate and Radley’s daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was six years old, and despite how resilient she is, they wish things were different and want to help with the research and to raise awareness of this disease. So Radley decided (with a large amount of help from his wife!) to run across the Sahara over six days for Epilepsy Action. 

Marathon Des Sable (MDS) is a 250km foot race across the Sahara Desert over six days and during that time Radley needs to carry his kit and be self sufficient. You may well have seen him running around Norwich with his bright yellow backpack for pre event training.

He was originally due to run the MDS in April 2020 with a friend to celebrate a milestone birthday but the 2020 edition of the MDS didn’t happen and like a number of other runners Radley lost his way with exercise during 2021.  So it is with a big kick from Kate and a huge hug from his daughter that Radley is taking on the challenge and he leaves on 24th March 2022. This also coincides with the charities purple day (26th March) and we will be supporting that at Park Run and also in the practice.

If you would like to know more about the challenge and donate to this very worthwhile cause please click here.

Thank you!

Photo credit Lee Blanchflower



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