Keep Calm and Do As We are Asked

Dear Patients, Colleagues & Friends,

From today we are closing our doors for all routine eye examinations, hearing appointments and contact lens checks.  We will still be available for all eye-related emergency appointments, to access these please phone 01603 624564 or email [email protected]. The phones will be answered during our normal opening hours of 9-5.30, emails will be responded to as quickly as we are able to. 

We are following the guidelines set out by the Government last night. Our staff and our patients are the very reason for this decision, and their health and safety remain at the top of our priority.

The practice will be locked and we will only allow one patient it at a time to enable us to strictly observe all social distancing government guidelines.  If you require an emergency appointment please do read the following first;

When should I book an Emergency Eye Appointment;

∙Sudden onset of double vision

∙ Sudden loss of vision

∙ Seeing flashing lights and/or NEW floaters

∙ Red eye

∙ Pain in or around the eye

If you are unsure please do give us a ring on 01603 624564 or email your symptoms (with pictures if appropriate to [email protected])

We have done our very best to deliver all the spectacles that we had awaiting collection. If you have not received yours please do phone us and we can arrange this for you.  Any orders that were taken last week should be with us in the next few days and we will be in touch to explain how we can help you with these.  

If you are on a contact lens direct debit with us your supply of contact lenses should continue as normal, should you wish to halt this direct debit with the current uncertainty please do contact us.  

If you wish to order more contact lenses please phone or email us and we will get them delivered to you.  We are able to take payment over the phone for these and as such it will not be necessary for you to be in the practice.  

If you lose or break your spectacles during this period again please do contact us and will we do our very best to either repair them or replace them where needed. 

If you have problems (or lose) your hearing aid please contact us and we can advise you on the best course of action.  

We have an online shop which is currently still available (click below to order) please do use this if you require anything that can be easily delivered.  

We will continue to update all of our social media channels.  We have tried to maintain these as happy positive places and are looking to fill our pages with smiling photographs to give everyone a lift. Please do share your stories if you would like to.  

These are strange and worrying times that we find ourselves in but it is imperative that we stand together as best we can to get through the dark days ahead.  We will do everything we can to ensure that we and our team are here on the other side of this madness to allow you to see the brighter, happier world.  

Look after yourself and each other,

Kate, Helen and the Team at Coleman Opticians



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