Look after your eye health in lockdown says Norwich opticians

A Norwich optician is urging more people to think about their eye health as they spend more time online in lockdown.

Helen Hillis and the team at Coleman Opticians, which is based in St Augustine’s Street, in Norwich, said the family run business has seen an increase in patients reporting difficulty in reading, headaches as well as poorer night vision.

The business has issued advice to those who are using screens more for work, school and entertainment attend appointments, report changes in vision and adopt the 20-20-20 rule.

The advice means stopping every 20 minutes, to look away for 20 seconds to something 20 feet away and allow your eyes to focus.

Helen Hillis, director of Coleman Opticians, said: ‘It is essential that people do not put off changes in their sight during lockdown, as we can identify many health issues by seeing patients early. We have fast-tracked many patients to the hospital during lockdown, and we would always encourage people to contact us rather than ignore symptoms, as it could be serious.”




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