Can carrots help you see in the dark?

How many times have you heard that little saying?  Have you ever wondered if it eating carrots really helps your eyesight or was it just a phrase mum and dad used to get you to eat your vegetables?  Today I am going to chat to you about how some vitamins in your diet may benefit your eye health. Well as we have mentioned them in the title lets talk about carrots.  These contain a good source of vitamin A.  A lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness.  This is more a problem in the

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Why Have an Eye Test?

Your eyes are among the most delicate and astonishing organs in the human body. They perform an amazing task, linking your mind to the outside world, yet most of us take them for granted. Often changes in eyesight are gradual and without pain. It is easy not to notice or even dismiss changes. Regular eye examinations are very important, just like doctor and dentist check- ups. According to research, 10 per cent of us have never had an eye examination and a further 10 per cent haven’t been

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